Personal Mission

       We started this company with the hopes that every client we encountered would have the same and equal opportunity to accomplish their fitness goals. With a saturation of retailers and online dealers selling sports supplements, it is apparent that people are taking fitness supplementation seriously. The success of FlexNUP can only be measured by the service we provide to our customers, resulting in their success. The information that is conveyed to clients is vital to their success and FlexNUp will strive to be amongst the top industry leader in providing to our customers with the best in customer service and quality products. FlexNUp plans to stay consistent throughout our ventures and maintain this higher quality of service.

Company Bio

    FlexNup was founded by two cousins trying to find a way to make their life goals a reality. Hector Cachu and Jonathan Tavares grew up aspiring to own a business one day with hopes to help and become positive influences to others. From the ages of fourteen, Hector and Jonathan made working out not only a hobby but a way to bond with one another. Hector and Jonathan came up with the idea to turn their passion of working out into FlexNup, a company geared toward helping others the same way they've helped each other. FlexNup was born on May 13th, 2014 and although the competition is dense, their need to help others will stand them apart from the rest.

“We are passionate about making your fitness goals a reality”.